To Be, or not PB?

Pacific Beach

Morning musings, on PB:

I took this photo on my way home Saturday night, February 29th, my last day as a legal resident of the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego. This was shot around 11:15. That’s a few minutes before the beginning of peak PB, and this photo was also taken on Garnet, but just a few blocks north of the Moonshine Beach / Mavericks epic-center of PB-ness.

The trash can looks so peaceful there, in the night. Were it a summer weekend, I suppose this trash can would be thoroughly overwhelmed and defeated by trash. You can tell from it’s scars that this trash can has served in heavy combat. It wears it’s “pb” logo boldly and resolutely, like a grizzled soldier, weary from the battle, but still prepared for battle.

I’ll miss living in PB. I’m too old to be there now. Many guys in PB are far too old – walking, cautionary tales of the perils of chasing youth. The old guy who digs in at PB is the same breed of person who stays at their undergrad college after not 4, not 5, but far beyond, always chasing an old feeling.

Well, I’ve got to go. I have an appointment to meet the landlord and hand over the keys, and then it’s off to my grown-up job.

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