Pardon My Progress

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Hey, it’s been brought to my attention that the prior two posts were less than my best and highest quality. This post is no exception.

I set this writing goal for Lent, and it’s already washed out a couple issues that I had been unwilling to face before. Issue 1 is obvious. I lack the discipline and planning skills to write every day. It’s something I need to improve. Issue 2, is also pretty obvious, and it’s that a lot of what I write ain’t that great. Especially on the first draft. More often than not, I just don’t have creativity.

So this is an exercise of discipline and humility for me.

On the bright side, I think I’ll be able to address both issues. The planning and discipline is just a learning curve, I think. I should figure it out by week three of Lent or so. 

As for the lack creativity, I’ve already observed something; the two posts that sucked, and also this one, were written either in the late evening, or very early in the morning. The thing with me is that I’m super emotional, and my emotions are very much tied to the time of day. In the morning, I’m very pessimistic. My outlook on life is dark and defeated. If I write something in the morning, it’s irrational, and a downer. In the evening, I’m tired and sentimental. If I write in the evening, if I find the energy, I’ll write about something nostalgic, sad, or maybe boring and introspective (case in point, this blog post). But during the day, somewhere between 10:30am until 7pm, I typically hit a point where I’m some cocktail of happy, angry, excited, and obnoxious, and I’m kinda funny.

So that’s got to be when I write the meat of my material. My plan is to note ideas that hit me during the day at work, and spill as much of that out as I can in spare time at the office. Later at night, when I’m calm and sentimental, I can organize it. Then in the morning, when I’m paranoid, I can proofread and post it.

So please excuse the mess.

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