The Bible in a Year: Day 84

Oh my goodness, you have made it to Day 84 and here we are in the book of Joshua, and I am so proud of you hahahaha!

Today we will continue, as we have all year, to read out of the Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition translation, and pick out what are some of the most interesting things we find in it. as Fr. Mike reads it to us, cover to cover. Please, if you have not done so already, like and subscribe to The Bible in a Year podcast, so that you can follow along with us.

Today’s interesting and out of context passage that you will never hear on Sunday, comes to us from the Book of Joshua, chapter 11, verse 9:

And Joshua did to them as the LORD bade him; he hamstrung their horses, and burned their chariots with fire.

– Joshua 11:9

Wow, those horses must’ve really had it coming! It’s like, “No don’t kill those horses; death is too merciful. They deserve, to suffer!”

As a bonus oddity in this verse, notice how the command is to the burn the chariots **with fire**? As opposed to burning the chariots with a spicy hot sauce, or with a sarcastic, insulting comment I suppose.

All told, the Book of Joshua has been pretty great. I recommend, as a spiritual exercise, to slowly read Joshua 10:16-43 during a quiet time each morning. Try to picture yourself as Joshua, and think about what the Lord is asking you to do today. Then slowly, read it again.

Gosh, wow, hahaha, we’ll be reading more tomorrow, and I am SO glad that you joined me. In the meantime, let’s keep praying for each other and thinking of each other, and I look forward – so much – to seeing you all tomorrow. I literally have not slept, in 85 days, due to the anticipation of seeing you all each day!

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